A journey you’ll never forget

Located in Gatineau, Quebec, the distillery sets itself apart with its non conventional and audacious spirit.

The Artist in Residence Distillerie beginnings

The idea of the distillery emerged in 2016, at a time when Pierre Mantha was thirsty for a new challenge. Entrepreneur and free thinker, he discovers a new passion that allows him to surpass himself and to evolve in a completely new industry. It’s the beginning of a big adventure.


Forward the machine!

With the collaboration of his brother, Michel Mantha, Pierre opens his first distillery in Gatineau, called Artist in Residence. As a great visionary who wants to expand his unique concept, he sets other distillery projects in motion.

9 000 liters
The distillery has two stills; the first contains up to 3 000 litres of alcohol and the second, up to 6000 litres.
30 000 square feet
The distillery’s total surface occupies three levels.

Keeping the community at heart

Keeping the community and the well-being of local businesses at heart, the Artist in Residence family encourages the collaboration with local providers and commits to giving back to people in need namely by affiliating with local food banks.

Artist in Residence, community at heart

Our Distilleries

Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

The distillery’s creations combine the best ingredients with the freshest water, extracted on location from an underground spring, to give birth to exhilarating flavours.

It’s at the first level of the main residence that all the stages of production occur. It’s in this vast and luminous location that the stills distill and the artists create the variety of quality gins, vodkas, liqueurs, whiskies, and more.

It’s also at this level that we warmly welcome our clients in our boutique, designed with our vast inventory of products.

At the top level is a space reserved for those passionate of spirits; a unique destination for free minds who wish to nurture their passion by savouring our various products.

Artist in Residence
Artist in Residence

Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada

With the goal of offering its clients a unique concept while respecting its mission to promote local economy, the Hawkesbury distillery welcomes you in the Artist in Residence’s magical environment and immerses you in an exceptional sensory experience.

In the first phase of the Hawkesbury project, you will be able to admire the diversity of our spirits, created by our artist distillers. Produced in part with local grains as well as with spring water, our gins, vodkas, rums, liqueurs, creams, whiskies, ready-to-drink and tonics are all equally unique and are sure to please our clients.

The eight phases of this impressive and fascinating project will take shape over the next ten years. In the future phases, you will namely be able to visit the distillery and purchase our products onsite. To extend your experience, the Artist in Residence Lounge will also be available for you to enjoy and experiment our variety of cocktails, and the welcoming and festive ambiance of our restaurant will without a doubt charm you and make your visit a fun and memorable one.

Pierre Mantha,
Founder and President