A state-of-the-art facility

The Artist in Residence bunker is a state-of-the-art facility that meets the highest standards for quality in an unexpected location on the edge of the city. In addition to this unconventional setting, the bunker features a spectacular bar, a destination for the free spirits who gravitate towards the brand. For them, we bring the AiR concept to life during unforgettable events and product launches, where mixology, art, music, fashion, technology and business come together in the spectacular alchemy that is the pulse of the brand.


Grain-to-glass philosophy

As Outaouais’ first distillery, Artist in Residence abides by the principles of artisanal distillation. This starts with dealing with a hyper-local supplier for our primary material: corn. Family-owned Deschardins farm, located only a few kilometers from the distillery, has been cultivating the grains that go into the making of our neutral alcohol for five generations.

From the grinding process to the bottle, we control the quality of our products at every stage of the production.


We're open to all free spirits

Inspired by mavericks and free thinkers, Artist in Residence seeks to provoke passions and assert itself as the craft distillery for renegades.

We champion the limitless spirit that drives every creative act. We build relationships and collaborate with everyday rule-breakers. Artist in Residence is aligned with the star that guides the boldest adventurers, wherever they might be.

Artist in Residence is an ultramodern distillery that truly embraces a new way of thinking and crafting. We don’t reject the traditions that dominate the distillery category as much as we turn them on their head. AiR Distillerie seeks to disrupt the status quo by enthusiastically embracing possibilities.

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