From a passionate team to yours!

This year, more than ever, we must acknowledge the exceptional work of our employees. That’s why Artist In Residence has called upon the great spirits to prepare gifts with exceptional tastes for you.

With our red Christmas cape on, we took this unique opportunity to reinvent traditional Christmas parties.

Our Quebec products are designed to bring out the best in your connoisseur’s palette. Thanks to ingenious craft techniques, all your employees will bathe (in moderation) in the spirit of the holiday season.

Give your team a tonic boost with one of our spirits!

From a passionate team to yours!

How can you make it happen?

Step 1: Choose your selection of spirits and quantities.

Step 2: L’un de nos experts communiquera avec vous pour compléter la commande et la livraison.

Step 3: Recevez et distribuez!

Step 4: Célébrez virtuellement avec votre équipe en créant un moment unique. Le tout, avec un cocktail à la main!